2011 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 18:35


The South East Stages Rally Championship


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Article by Joe O'Brien, TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship, P.R.O.

The 2011 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship is, as may be expected, about The Winner, The Championship and The Sponsors. It is also about the promoting clubs, the officials and of course all the competitors who support the events and the championship. We, the promoters know that we have an excellent product, one which has stood the test of time. It has been tweaked to add a more competitive edge. Our innovations have been incorporated into other regional championships; we like to lead the way.

Quite what you might expect. Take for example the sponsor’s product, TRITON SHOWERS. When you walk into your chosen supplier and ask about TRITON SHOWERS, the brochure is produced and your requirements discussed. The box is handed over and when you unpack it, you expect to get what it says on the box. For example the T90Z, “problem solving shower, design and performance, easy to install, quality assured, unbeatable range, guarantee, outstanding customer service” So what you see, you expect to get!

The South East Stages Rally Championship, “ Seven round championship, Three forestry, Four tarmac, Choice of surfaces, Promoted by Four Quality Clubs who run no nonsense events, clubsExcellent range of classes Championship spread over nine months,”. Allowing for recovery and planning for a competitive championship. What you see is what you get.

The winner of the 2011 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship, Shay Power, Escort MK2, class 5, 79 points. That too is what it says on the packaging. John Rafter navigated on most of the events, Derek Gibbs sat in for a few events, and daughter also gave dad a ‘dig out’. I was a little perplexed about the sign writing SPL in bold green writing on the white car. Until I was otherwise informed, I thought that Shay was a Celtic soccer supporter in the Scottish Premier League! :-) shayforest2011Shay is in the earth moving business, big brutish machinery that can, in the wrong hands, do a lot of damage. A delicate touch is required, careful manoeuvring at gentle and slow pace. How unlike in many ways the competitive driving of a powerful rear wheel drive rally car. The ‘big quiet man from the slate quarries’ has proved his worth at the wheel of the rally car. A former winner of the Foley Championship, the precursor of the South East Stages rally Championship, all of 19 years ago. So he’s now another overnight success. Shay is more than capable of planting the accelerator and with his deft touch has complete mastery of his environment. Set backs are taken with a quiet resignation, no hysterical dramas, just the acceptance that sh*t happens and I’m not a victim just a sinner!

alanandjamescomminsThe runner up pairing of father and son, Alan and James Commins, Class 4, Escort Mk 2 or RWD Peugeot 205 depending on the surface were just one point behind on 78 points. The results are just numerical indicative. The shortage of competitors on three rounds denied this team maximum points and potentially the 2011 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship. Being the sportsmen that they are the championship rules were accepted.

Third overall are James Coleman and Michael Haley, Escort MK2, Class 5, jamescolemanmichaelhaley74 points. Remarkable that first and third came from class 5. Another fantastic performance from the Escort MK2.

Coincidentally, all three crews are from the Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club and all are involved in the club’s activities.

So that about sums up the 2011 TRITON SHOWERS South East Stages Rally Championship, linking our sponsor, our promoting clubs and the winning crews.

Thanks to our register Ann M. Fitzgerald for keep the operation up in the air and to the secretary/financial controller Winnie Sheil for maintaining the level in the coffers. And of course to Kevin Barrett of TRITON SHOWERS for his continued support of our ‘the clubman competitors’ championship.

To all involved in Motorsport, we wish you all a safe and competitive 2012.