RallySprint Final Instruction

Saturday, 05 November 2011 16:28


1. All competitors: On Arrival, immediately park competing car in service area and bring trailer to designated ‘Trailer Park’.

2. Mechanical and Paper Scrutiny will begin at 08.00hrs SHARP! The onus is on each competitor to be fully prepared as to make scrutiny run smoothly

3. All competitors to leave service area in numerical order at 10.25hrs - first timed run to commence at 10.30hrs.

4. Any competitor balked during their run, will keep to the right shoot after the stop board, to recommence his/her rerun.

5. After completing each run, Competitors are asked to the keep left and reenter the service area. Caution is required as there will be a lot of pedestrian and event traffic on the entrance to the service area

6. Location 4. Will now have a speed reduction for safer entry, from location 4 through to location 5. The gravel surface is very soft and caution is required! The organisers do not want any blockages in this area as it will have a knock on effect and slow each timed run.