Final Instruction 1

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 22:46


2012 Wm. Loughman Forestry Rally Final Instruction 1 (28-2-2011)


  1. Scrutiny

          The club will not be using slot times this year for this event. Scrutiny will start at 0900 hrs to 1200 hrs. All late cars to be in position by 1100 hrs so the club can finish at 1200 hrs. Numbers must be collected before scrutiny in the scrutiny area. This will take place in Mill River Business Park. The Rally office will close at 12.30 hrs for licences and collection of documentation. Please come as early. This will take place in the Carraig Hotel, Rally HQ

  1. One service vehicle per rally car. Spaces limited, first come first served.
  1. Overnight Parking can be arranged For Friday and Saturday night.
  1. Trailer park will be in the mart from 8.00 hrs and gates will be locked at 23.00 hrs, Trailers parked at owner risk.
  1. All cars to go to Park Ferme directly after scrutiny.
  1. Service area is operating as one way systems Left Hand Entry please obey Marshals.
  1. Start, Flying Finish and Stop Car will all be illuminated.
  1. All Competitors Must be ready To Start once they leave the S.A.C Delays will not be accepted (if not ready when instructed to start the stage the time it takes to get ready will be your penalty) SELF INFLICTED your corporation would be appreciated.
  1. Please can we have a telephone number from either driver or navigator this will be asked for at documentation. This is to help with the safe -running of the night stages for the clubs accountability. Should you retire from Please contact control on 087/087-2670445 this is also printed on your time card.


  1. Accountability for the night stages. The club will issue an accountability number these will be in numerical sequence. These will be handed out at  each stage start and collected at the stop car of each stage these accountability numbers are to keep track of each car on the night section but will be run in the day time stage to acustomize yourself to the procedure. Should the car in front of you in counter difficulty but do not need assistance please tell the stop marshal that their OK.

1. All Cars must Carry 2 reflective jackets and a Torch for signalling purposes if in difficulty. These will be checked for in scrutiny.

2. Mandatory red triangles and OK Board to be erected in the event of a car breaking down or for any other reason.

3. All signage will be reflective for the night section.

  1. Any additional lights fitted to a competing car must be presented during scrutiny (Fitted and Working).
  1. Stage Commander Stage 2 has changed from Matt Crehan to Seamus Anderson

Please all Competitors keep an eye out for each other for a Safe running of the event. I would like to wish you all a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Barry Duggan,

Clerk of the Course.